General Dentistry in Poughkeepsie

Initial Oral Examination

At your first visit, our team will thoroughly perform an initial oral exam. This first appointment will help us learn about your smile, your goals for your teeth and any treatment needed. Your medical and dental history will be reviewed, and any current symptoms will be discussed. 

In addition, your first appointment will include:

  • Thorough teeth cleaning
  • Dental x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Bite analysis
  • Any needed diagnostic dental films
  • Optional fluoride treatment or dental sealants

Your first visit is important! It will lay the groundwork for future treatment and help your dentist thoroughly understand the condition of your smile. A treatment plan will be built, and your dentist will go over possible treatment, finding out your goals for your smile. If treatment is needed, appointments can be set up at the end of this first visit.

The Preventative Program

Preventing a problem is always better than fixing a problem – and this rings true in the field of dentistry! Regular visits to your dentist are a must for a healthy mouth! With consistent appointments, your dental team can thoroughly clean your teeth on a regular basis and check for early signs of decay or other issues. Early detection of dental problems will help minimize dental treatment and keep your smile on track. Our preventative program will give you information on what you need to do to keep your smile healthy at home and in-office. Treatments such as fluoride or dental sealants may be recommended.

In addition to regular visits, personal dental hygiene is important! Thoroughly brushing at least twice a day, especially after meals, is a must as well as flossing every day. Keeping up with your dental health at home is just as important as visiting your dentist faithfully. 

If you are in search of a dentist in Poughkeepsie, NY call us today to set up an appointment! Our team will count it a privilege to help you maintain a healthy smile!